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Our Tanning Beds/Booths 


Achieving total relaxation after a long day. The unique, twisted tubes of the 6800 Alpha combines the strength of four wavelengths of light, tan intensively and naturally and gently cleanse stressed skin.

  • 6- p2+ Vitamin D lamps that results in tanning that is gentle on the skin.

  • 44 high pressure ,180- 200-watt lamps

  • 4 high pressure, 500-watt Facial Lamps

  • 10-minute max time

  • MP3 sound box, Air Con, Mega Voice

  • Aqua Cool, Pre-Selection

Tanning Bed KBL Alpha Interior
Tanning Bed KBL Alpha Face Tanners
Tanning Bed KBL6800 Alpha


The KBL Pure Energy T230 is one of the most modern vertical tanning equipment available.  It contains 360-degree body lamps, combined with high pressure shoulder lamps in the ceiling of the sunbed. 


  • 9-minute max tan time

  • 230 Watts /52 extra-long  high pressure lamps (2 meter) to ensure head-to-toe tanning

  • No central control panel running down the length of the sunbed preventing an even all-around body tan

  • Shoulder tanners to ensure no-white patches on your shoulders

KBL Pure Energy Tanning Bed Top
KBL Pure Energy Stand Up Tanning Booth


With the Advantage series, an infinitely variable ventilation system keeps you feeling fresh during the tanning session. The invigorating, cooling air comes from 2 facial outlets and 4 to 5 body zone outlets. By integrating the reflector into the acrylic base, the difficult to reach shoulder and neck areas also receive thorough tanning.


  • 12-minute bed maximum tan time

  • 3 VIT Max  400-watt High Pressure Facials

  • 40 Ergoline VHP Turbo Power 160-watt UV Lamps with a reflex neck tanner

  • Relaxing body form plus base acrylic

  • Special comfort cooling ventilation

Advantage 400 Tanning Bed
Luxura V8 Tanning Booth

The short 9-minute sessions allows you to get in, get out and get on with your day!


  • 48 high pressure ,200-watt XL lamps

  • 9-minute max time

The Luxura V8 is the top-of-the-line stand up tanning booth for guests who want to skimp on time but not on their tan. The V8’s sleek design is complemented by the adjustable Ambient FlowLight and the units sound around plus feature. In addition to all the benefits of a high end stand up tanning booth, the Luxura V8 delivers superior tanning results in rapid 9 minute sessions.


15 Minute getaway!

This 15 minute bed will meet your tanning needs offering 32x lamps at 160 watt for an even full-body tan. Includes built-in climate control, music in every room to provide maximum comfort and a relaxing environment while tanning.


  • 15-minute max time

  • 32 low pressure / 160w bulbs

  • CosmoLux VHR-TT Lamps

MegaMax Tanning Bed

Enjoy our ultrafast stand-up tanning booth. If you don't feel comfortable in a tanning bed, then our high-performance tanning booth is the ideal solution. Choose this option for an incredible bronze result in just ten minutes

  • 10-minute max time.

  • 48 low pressure / 160w bulbs

  • CosmoLux VHR-TT Lamps

Megasun V
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